There may be times when the painting job does not turn out quite the way you wanted it to and you need professional help and advice.

It could be that the paint job you were promised by the builder or painter did not work out to you satisfaction and you need a compliant report to help resolve the matter, simply call and have an obligation free discussion about your options.

This should not happen, it’s not the fault of the paint, it’s the fact that the paint was not applied in accordance with the “Australian Standards for painting a Building.” or the appropriate specification as stated by the paint manufacturer was followed.

There are such standards and all new buildings should comply, in this case the home owner could be up for a costly repainting on a house that is not yet 3 years old and my bet is that the builder told the home owner, “sorry it must be a bad batch of paint!”    NOT BAD PAINT, BAD PAINTING!

Expert Reports.

There may be times when you find that you are in need of specialist report as a consequence of either the builder or the painter failing to deliver the service, the product or  the result that you may have been hoping for, wishing for or paying for!

We offer a range of expert witness reports that are VCAT Compliant or Court Compliant or perhaps you need a Dilapidation Report.

Next Step:

To have an obligation free discussion about compliant reports, to ask about lead testing  just call 0438 502 107 and talk to our specialist inspector.