VCAT compliant reports

There may be times when the painting job does not turn out quite the way you wanted to and you need professional help and advice.

Training and develop!

The only  totally independent paint specialist training program in Australasia to help develop and grow your staffs potential, build sales and help grow your business!

Red means Lead

Read means lead!

We investigate and produce a report as to whether you have a lead paint issue in your home .

Exposure to the dust produced in the repainting process were the paint contains lead can affect children, pregnant women, even your pets.



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Expert Reports.

There may be times when you find that you are in need of specialist report as a consequence of either the builder or the painter failing to deliver the service, the product or  the result that you may have been hoping for, wishing for or paying for!

We offer a range of expert witness reports that are VCAT Compliant or Court Compliant or perhaps you need a Dilapidation Report.



Selling the system and not just the paint!.

In today’s competitive marketplace one of the ways to be successful is to sell the whole process and not just the can.

All too often customers come into paint stores with a request for a product and walk out of the store with the product but not the equipment needed to apply the product because the sale person does not look at the total picture, only at the event on the day.


Next Steps…

To talk about compliant reports, to ask about lead testing or if you are looking to develop you sales team to help customers solve their painting challenges, just call 0438 502 107

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